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Updates about our law firm.

MarkHound and the Move to Manhattan

The Move to New York City Big update for JPG Legal: At the end of January 2018, my girlfriend and I moved from Washington, DC to New York City, meaning JPG Legal has moved to New York City as well. Don’t worry, we still file trademark applications for clients all over the world.   If you’re not familiar with my girlfriend, she’s Stephanie Echeveste, retail placemaking consultant and founder of Distill Creative.   Jeremy with […]

The Evolution of JPG Legal as a Website and as a Law Firm

Me editing an abandoned JPG Legal trademark page concept in late 2016.   A Good Small Firm Attorney Is a Good Web Designer If you’ve been poking around here, you’ve probably gathered that I designed and developed JPG Legal’s website myself, using HTML, CSS, javascript, Adobe Photoshop, and some powerful platforms and plugins. Though I did not incorporate it until a year later, I was 28 when I started JPG Legal as a solo practice […]

The Future of the Trademark Business Model

The Trademark Industry Is a Racket Sometimes people ask me how my business model is profitable, or what my edge is. I find it hard to answer them without making it sound like I’m cutting corners, but the truth is that JPG Legal’s edge is simply that we’re cheaper than all of the good services and better than all of the cheap services. We’re an actual law firm that performs actual legal work while still […]

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