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Updates about our law firm.

Toy Trademarks: Dos and Don’ts for Toy Brand Protection

When I was five, I played with Legos and I really loved them. Not because I liked to have finished models to show off, but because I had enough of an imagination back then to come up with adventures for the little Lego people, pitting them against each other and the elements. When I was nine, the Lego Island computer game came out and it had pretty good reviews, making it a no-brainer for me […]

Forbes Names JPG Legal a Top Trademark Filing Service

We are excited to announce that JPG Legal has been recognized by Forbes Advisor as one of the top trademark filing services. Though we weren’t the highest rated service overall, we proudly stood out as the highest rated law firm on the list, demonstrating our commitment to providing top-tier legal services to our clients. The three services rated higher than our firm are all large “legal services” companies, not law firms staffed with lawyers. The […]

Scalable Vs. Non-Scalable Business: A Comparison

Marketing graph drawing signed by Jeremy Eche

Why JPG Legal is Stagnant and Communer is Growing I have two companies, Communer and JPG Legal, with thoroughly different business models.  The first, JPG Legal, is a law firm, which is a kind of professional or personal service company. Though we don’t bill by the hour like other law firms, our clients still pay for the time and effort of qualified employees.  Because we’re a personal service company, our business is not scalable. In […]

USPTO Verification for Trademark Filings: What Is This? surveillance camera cartoon If you’ve tried to submit any trademark filings in the US after August 6, you might have been surprised to see that the USPTO now requires you to get your identification verified by something called You may have wondered, “What is this? Do I really have to do this? How much work is this going to be?” Here are my answers to these questions, along with some context. What Is and What Does […]

Client Spotlight: Juhn Hits 500 Million Streams for One Song

Juhn's Spotify listing with top tracks. As you may already know, our firm files a lot of applications for music trademarks. One client of ours, Juhn, has managed to hit it big within the last couple of years. He wisely hired us in 2019 to file a trademark application for “Juhn” when his streaming numbers were in the single-digit millions. As a fan of Latin trap and a resident of Loisaida in Manhattan at the time, I was very excited that […]

An Affordable Trademark Attorney

Self-Portrait of an Affordable Trademark Attorney by Jeremy Eche As an affordable trademark attorney, I occupy a strange niche. JPG Legal has just hit $5 million in total revenue since I launched the firm online in mid-2017. In that time, I’ve developed a clear picture of our target client.  Or rather, both of our target clients, because the members of our target audience approach us from two very different perspectives. Some of our prospective clients see us as a cut-rate “budget” law firm. Others […]

Our Law Firm’s Favorite Work-From-Home Gear

Cartoon of Jeremy at his work-from-home desk. Updated November 8, 2022. While JPG Legal has always had some kind of commercial space, it’s never been simply a 9-to-5 job for me, so my home setup has always been about as important as my commercial space setup. I’ve managed our law firm from four different home offices including a basement apartment, a group house, and a cramped shoebox in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  I still walk to JPG Legal’s oversized loft […]

Recession Business Good, Sticky Business Better

Fridge with JPG Legal magnet sticking to it because it's a sticky recession business, while competitor magnets are falling off.

The last few months have confirmed something that I’ve thought for years, but could never be totally sure of until now: JPG Legal is a recession business. We’re the budget brand that people buy at the supermarket when their preferred brand starts to seem extravagant. More and more small and mid-sized businesses are digging deeper for savings and ditching their conventional attorneys for our lower fees and transparent pricing. Last year my goal was to […]

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