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Jeremy with somebody else's dog.


Jeremy Peter Green is a branding attorney and the founder of JPG Legal. He is the attorney of record for over 1,000 U.S. trademark registrations. In 2019, JPG Legal was ranked the #16 law firm in the United States by number of federal trademark applications filed. Green graduated from Northwestern University School of Law on a full scholarship.


Green has been profiled on USA Today, CNBC, CNN Money, NPR's Morning Edition, WIRED, MSNBC, the New York Daily News, HLN, CNN Politics, DCist,, CNET,, NBC News, Refinery29, the Globe and Mail, and several other news sources. He is best known for owning and hosting his comics there during the 2016 election, before selling the domain.


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Green is based in DUMBO, Brooklyn in New York City. He formerly served as in-house General Counsel and Webmaster for Teamsters Local 922 in Washington, DC.


You may contact him at

JPG Legal Update: New Attorney, New Space in Dumbo

The view from our roof.


Meet Our New Associate Attorney: Oyebola

Our attorney search is over! Oyebola practiced law in Lagos, Nigeria before coming to New York City and getting an LLM in Intellectual Property at Cardozo Law on a Dean’s Merit Scholarship. She beat out over 200 other applicants to get this position. I believe in Silicon Valley lingo she’s what would be described as a “badass.” You can read a bit more about her on our About page. She’s passed the New York Bar Exam and will be licensed here soon, so she’ll be handling a large portion of our trademarking filing and research.


A Bridge Not Too Far


JPG Legal needed more space, so we moved to a new 1400 square foot loft space in Dumbo (short for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”) in Brooklyn, New York, which has become a hub for startups in recent years. The picture above is from the roof, which is right on top of our office’s ceiling, and which we have easy access to.


New office cat too! Follow Kiké on Instagram at @kikekitty.

We were lucky enough to get an office with 13-foot ceilings and beautiful views of the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. I still haven’t gotten used to how beautiful our new space is.


We’ll be building some tiny private offices in here, but we’ll make sure they don’t block the windows from the common areas. We’re also letting Distill Creative run crafting workshops here and we’re using the space as an art studio. We have an office cat named Kiké that we’ve been bringing back and forth between home and work as well.


Yes, it’s a little big for three people right now, but we wanted room to expand.


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