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Posts about areas of law other than trademark law.

Can Flavor Flav Sue The Sanders Campaign For Promoting a “Public Enemy” Performance?

Drawing of Bernie Sanders by me. If you’ve followed my Twitter account or heard my interview on NPR’s Morning Edition, you know I’m a huge supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders is what happens when a genuine, on-the-ground activist and organizer somehow manages to get real institutional power, without compromising their values. This has probably never happened in modern U.S. politics, and it’s terrifying not only to the very wealthy, but also to the status-quo-dependent […]

New York’s New Broker Fee Rule: Can You Get Your Broker Fee Back?

Photo of me, on the right, viewing the current JPG Legal office before I signed the lease. As described in The New York Times, the New York Department of State has just issued a formal guidance declaring that making a tenant pay for a broker’s fee when renting an apartment is illegal. This means that if a landlord hires a broker to help them find a tenant for an apartment, the landlord must pay the […]

How Early Should You Form Your LLC?

Informal Beginnings When people ask me how long I’ve been running JPG Legal, it’s hard to decide what to say. My first client hired me for trademark work in the summer of 2015, back when I was just Jeremy Peter Green. As I started picking up more clients, I put up a website in mid-2016, filed a trademark application, and registered “JPG Legal” as a DBA (Doing-Business-As, similar to a trade name or fictitious name […]

Are Negligence and Recklessness the Same Thing?

Negligence v. Recklessness I frequently see people use the terms “negligence” and “recklessness” interchangeably, including people with legal training. The difference between recklessness and negligence — particularly criminal or gross negligence — can be subtle. While both terms refer to the accidental causation of harm, they are indeed different things.   Negligence A negligent person fails to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in similar circumstances. The person does not know […]

Can a Restraining Order Affect Your Security Clearance?

As somebody who has held a Top Secret security clearance before, and who was worried about my own record when I got my background check five years ago, I became very familiar with the U.S. government’s security clearance adjudication system. In my case, I was worried about my past use of marijuana. Because I’m an attorney and know how to interpret judicial rulings, I figure I can help a lot of people in the same […]

Can Filing a Restraining Order Against Somebody Affect Your Security Clearance?

Initial Question: If I File a Restraining Order Against an Ex-Partner, Can My Federal Security Clearance Be Denied Because of It? This post is for people who have filed a restraining or protective order. Have you had one filed against you? Go to my other post. A potential client asked me if filing a restraining order against her former live-in partner might somehow affect her chances of renewing her Top Secret-level security clearance. She knew […]

Why Are Dead Presidents the Only Dead People with Trademark Protections?

Initial Question: Is It Illegal to Trademark a President’s Name? Disclaimer: This post arguably constitutes legal advice and in a way I am your lawyer now. At the end of this post, I will no longer be your lawyer, unless I already was before.   A client asked me to research this recently. One of her investors insisted there was a special rule against trademarking a president’s name. I told my client I was fairly […]