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Posts about areas of law other than trademark law.

Can You Sell Patented Products on Amazon?

Google Patents bird feeder camera search screenshot

Note from Jeremy: This is a guest post from patent agent Brad Fach of PatentFile.org. We’ve been sending patent clients to them for several years now and everybody has been very happy with their service, so I thought our readers might appreciate some advice from Brad on an issue many of my clients deal with. We do not have any sort of affiliate or compensation arrangement with them. Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace by […]

Legal Mistakes Every Startup Company Should Avoid Making

The hands and arms of three businesspeople are visible over a wooden table. They are pointing at dense text on a piece of paper.

It can be easy to overlook legal matters that seem unnecessary while developing your business. More importantly, hiring lawyers and filing paperwork may seem like a financial luxury you can’t yet afford. However, avoiding legal matters could lead to issues with compliance, contracts, or stolen intellectual property down the road.  Not hiring lawyers because of financial concerns is one of the most common legal mistakes that startup founders make. In addition, some business owners also […]

Protecting Your Business 101: Lawsuits, Cybercrimes, and More

A person in business casual clothing sitting in front of five monitors with various data displayed on them. The lighting in the room is low and there is a small glass of water on the desk in front of the person.

Most business owners are worried about cash flow and sales. After all, regardless of your industry, the main goal is to earn profits.  However, protecting those profits is also essential. Legal issues, cybercrimes, and other problems can wreak havoc on a small business. It is vital to adopt practices that protect your business.  Failure to have the proper protections in place can lead to a wide range of legal and security problems. Even companies that […]

Can Flavor Flav Sue The Sanders Campaign For Promoting a “Public Enemy” Performance?

Drawing of Bernie Sanders by me. If you’ve followed my Twitter account or heard my interview on NPR’s Morning Edition, you know I’m a huge supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders is what happens when a genuine, on-the-ground activist and organizer somehow manages to get real institutional power, without compromising their values. This has probably never happened in modern U.S. politics, and it’s terrifying not only to the very wealthy, but also to the status-quo-dependent […]

New York’s New Broker Fee Rule: Can You Get Your Broker Fee Back?

Photo of me, on the right, viewing the current JPG Legal office before I signed the lease. Update: Unfortunately, a court in New York struck down the ban on broker fees in 2021. Landlords are again allowed to pass broker fees on to renters. As described in The New York Times, the New York Department of State has just issued a formal guidance declaring that making a tenant pay for a broker’s fee when renting […]

How Early Should You Form Your LLC?

Informal Beginnings When people ask me how long I’ve been running JPG Legal, it’s hard to decide what to say. My first client hired me for trademark work in the summer of 2015, back when I was just Jeremy Peter Green. As I started picking up more clients, I put up a website in mid-2016, filed a trademark application, and registered “JPG Legal” as a DBA (Doing-Business-As, similar to a trade name or fictitious name […]

Are Negligence and Recklessness the Same Thing?

Negligence v. Recklessness I frequently see people use the terms “negligence” and “recklessness” interchangeably, including people with legal training. The difference between recklessness and negligence — particularly criminal or gross negligence — can be subtle. While both terms refer to the accidental causation of harm, they are indeed different things.   Negligence A negligent person fails to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in similar circumstances. The person does not know […]

Can a Restraining Order Affect Your Security Clearance?

As somebody who has held a Top Secret security clearance before, and who was worried about my own record when I got my background check five years ago, I became very familiar with the U.S. government’s security clearance adjudication system. In my case, I was worried about my past use of marijuana. Because I’m an attorney and know how to interpret judicial rulings, I figure I can help a lot of people in the same […]

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