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Month: December 2016

Can Filing a Restraining Order Against Somebody Affect Your Security Clearance?

Initial Question: If I File a Restraining Order Against an Ex-Partner, Can My Federal Security Clearance Be Denied Because of It? This post is for people who have filed a restraining or protective order. Have you had one filed against you? Go to my other post. A potential client asked me if filing a restraining order against her former live-in partner might somehow affect her chances of renewing her Top Secret-level security clearance. She knew […]

Why Are Dead Presidents the Only Dead People with Trademark Protections?

Initial Question: Is It Illegal to Trademark a President’s Name? Disclaimer: This post arguably constitutes legal advice and in a way I am your lawyer now. At the end of this post, I will no longer be your lawyer, unless I already was before.   A client asked me to research this recently. One of her investors insisted there was a special rule against trademarking a president’s name. I told my client I was fairly […]