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JPG Legal Is Hiring A Legal Assistant or Paralegal (English and Spanish Fluency Required)

Small trademark law firm and legal startup with one founding attorney, three associate attorneys, and one client relations manager based in Brooklyn looking for a full-time legal assistant or paralegal who is fluent in both English and Spanish.


Greenwood Heights/South Slope, Brooklyn, New York. Position is currently fully remote and will be for the foreseeable future, but after pandemic conditions improve, the firm will have occasional in-person meetings, maybe once every two to four weeks. We’ll have an office that you will be able to work from if you want, but you will not be expected to work there daily if you’d rather work remotely. Candidate must be based in the New York City metropolitan area to work at this firm.

About this job:

● Salary is between $40,000 and $45,000 depending on experience and qualifications, plus annual bonus.

● Your job will include the following duties:

Managing and updating our docket of pending and registered US trademarks, and the deadlines associated with them. We use a web-based software program called DocketTrak for this, and we’ll show you what to do and how to use it.

Assigning tasks to your co-workers using our collaboration software, which essentially consists of Gmail plus a software that lies on top of Gmail called Hiver.

Sending emails to clients when their trademark applications have reached major milestones and answering their questions about the trademark process.

Sending online invoices to clients using our software and confirming they’ve been paid.

Occasionally when our Client Relations Manager is using paid time off, you may need to be on phone duty, meaning you’ll use Google Voice and a headset to answer calls to our main phone number made by potential and current clients.

● Great health insurance and paid leave. 401(k) matching.

● We’ll supply you with a MacBook Pro, headset, and second monitor. We’ll also give you a work-from-home budget so you can order your preferred accessories for your home office like a computer mouse or earbuds.

● Completely casual dress code.

● If you’re a paralegal, your title will be Trademark Paralegal. If you’re not, your title will be Legal Assistant. If you’re not a paralegal, then when you’ve worked at the firm long enough, we will most likely start calling you a paralegal anyway because of the knowledge and experience you will gain at the firm.

● The work will be relatively interesting, as our clients operate in a variety of industries and are based all over the world.

● The founder of the firm is a socialist and we regularly host DSA meetings and fundraisers for leftist candidates in our office. The firm’s general atmosphere is progressive and somebody without progressive political views may not like being here.

About the firm:

● JPG Legal is a trademark law firm that primarily serves entrepreneurs and small businesses who find and hire JPG Legal online. About half of our clients are based in foreign countries. Our services are offered as flat-fee packages that are paid for up-front, meaning we don’t have to worry about tracking hours or collecting fees from clients we’ve already performed work for. We’ve experienced rapid year-over-year growth and plan to develop our own legal software over the course of the next year or two.


● Must be fluent in both English and Spanish. 95% of our clients speak and write primarily in English in their communications, but a few of them prefer Spanish to English. Some people at our firm are fluent in Spanish and some aren’t, but we plan to make a Spanish-language version of our website soon and that will attract more Spanish-speaking clients.

● Experience working for small legal offices — particularly trademark law firms — preferred, but not required.

● Must be fairly good with computers and technology, as we are more tech-focused than a typical law firm.

● Good English writing skills and an attention to detail are helpful for this position.

● JPG Legal is an equal opportunity employer.

● To apply, please upload resume, cover letter, and references below. If you’ve attended school within the last five years, please include an unofficial transcript. We will be interviewing candidates by phone on a rolling basis. We apologize in advance if we don’t end up contacting you about the position.

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